If you have never heard of me or my IntuitionTalks programme before… then please read the success stories below.
Go on, read them. These are just some of the shining stars students of IntuitionTalks. The good thing is none of these people are “special”.
No special education.
No special connections or friends in high places.
No special secret advantage.
Listen to these stories and ask yourself, “Are these people an entirely different from a normal human?”
Your answer will be a big resounding NO.

“I had a wonderful two months being part of the intuition program with Eloise Ansell!

I felt like I was part of a community of people learning and experiencing the exciting journey of self expansion and awareness towards opening up a different way of being and seeing. I felt privileged and very excited every week or every new development in the intuition journey through Eloise’s group sessions and insights.

Her sincerity and dedication towards her leaner community and family is remarkable and always refreshingly pure!

Thank you Eloise!!! xxxoooxxxx”

Zineb S (2015)

“The 8 week’s intuition talks was has been a key programme for me. I’ve seen so many shifts in myself, not just related to intuition, but my health improved enormously (after many years of health issues), and emotionally I am more in-tune with myself and others. There have been such major shifts in these areas, and they have really improved the my quality of life.

The 8 sessions are linked into each other, which is great, and it’s almost like reading a novel – you just can’t wait to be at the next chapter, just to see what’s going to happen there, and I was sad to see the programme end. ”

Melissa (2015)

“Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this unique, interesting and fun programme which has provided me with many tools for developing and trusting in my own intuition. Eloise has skill-fully infused the course with a blend of wisdom, joy and healing – giving you the tools and confidence to access your intuition in daily life.”

Cherie (2015)

“This course is just what you need if you feel a little out of step with life. Eloise gradually reveals, with great insight, feeling and humour, that there is so much that we are unaware of. She helps you to open up the endless possibilities that lie within us all to live to our optimum selves and the rewards that that will bring. ”

Debs (2015)

“Many thanks Eloise for eight enlightening weeks of Intuition Insights. I found that it encompassed more for me than Intuition itself providing me with a broader awareness of the self, our self beliefs, our uniqueness, as well as discovering what we want from life and then living our life through observing and self development.

It opened up a labyrinth of paths that I am continuing to explore whilst appreciating how important it is to have a loving relationship with ourselves. I am realising that actually that is quite a task in itself! I am so pleased that I signed up for the course, and I am feel really grateful to you Eloise for having the intuition, love, and creativity to put the sessions together for us. ”

Lisa (2015)

“I embarked on this course hoping to improve my intuition which has happened, in addition it gave me permission to be more true to myself and my individuality, I noticed my heart has opened more and I am able to be more giving. The set up of the weekly sessions worked brilliantly and I enjoyed being part of the group energy. Very worthwhile, looking forward to the next one.”

Sue (2015)

“Eloise is so very articulate and descriptive when putting points across. Everyone would benefit from this course… They would come away with confidence, assuredness, awareness and a more caring, giving and happy experience. Definitely worth the time and money.”

Debbie H (2016)

“I really enjoyed doing this course with Eloise. I felt strong shifts from the sessions (plenty of emotional clearing going on) and I looked forward to listening to the positive insights and words of wisdom each week of the course. I feel I have a stronger sense of my intuition now, and definitely trust it more and will keep practising with it to improve. Eloise is warm & funny and very encouraging and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their relationship with their intuition.”

Tina (2016)

“I loved this course. The duration was just right…. As there is a lot to process and “trust” way after the 8 weeks has finished. I loved my two, one on one intuition sessions with Eloise, which I took advantage of the given discount when I paid for the course. The sessions personalised my journey on this programme and grounded me, whilst reinforcing that what I was feeling, seeing and hearing had to be trusted. The weekly group sessions had a huge impact on my intuition….. But this is only the beginning…….”

Nicola Archer, Lagos, Nigeria (2016)

“This is a course that anyone and everyone would benefit from, on many levels. Much food for thought. Caring and sharing. For some people, could possibly be life-changing, for others, even a greater awareness would help so many aspects of every-day life. Very absorbing and enjoyable. Eloise is unfailingly cheerful and encouraging throughout – a great teacher.”

Debbie (2016)

“Thank you Eloise for a very fun 8 week program.
There were many elements personally resonated in the sessions and there were many helpful new ideas and information in the insights.
I really recommend this especially people who took a MindScape workshop.”

Ikumi (2017)

“The course title leapt off the page as soon as I opened the email and I knew it was for me. After that I didn’t know what to expect other than to sit back, recline the chair and prepared to learn.

As the weeks unfolded the ever smiling, life loving Eloise created a safe, fun and amazingly insightful space for the group to grow in.

A big session on fear continued running for several weeks. Over this time I felt my specific fears that I wanted to work on shift and melt away and my intuition about those situations develop to give me information to be vigilant when necessary so I can enjoy the rest of my time In previously anxious situations.
What I didn’t expect was that I would be so Relaxed and adventurous too.
Subtle fears also released allowing forgiveness and understanding in relationships, approval of myself, motivation in my creativity and a knowledge that I/we are equipped with this wonderful inner guidance that can be life changing if we give it space, listen and trust it. I am excited to continue down the path of developing my intuition.

I encourage everyone to go on this journey and to have the private sessions from Eloise that are offered and hugely enhanced my experience.

Thanks Eloise for such a fantastic and enriching time 🙏”

Dawn (2017)

“I have had lots of stuff going on around me, my dad had a heart attack (he’s fine now) my mum is experiencing health issues and been in hospital and my mother in law diagnosed with cancer so my world had been shattered a few times during this course and although an emotional rollercoaster I’ve managed to stay tuned in and trust the process of everyone’s journeys including mine. It has helped me to focus on the good stuff and not down the road of an anxious emotional heap of mess!!

[What shifted?] My focus on the small stuff that brings more joy rather than the big stuff that 9 times out of 10 I can’t do anything about.

The timing was perfect for me. Thank you for holding the space!

For me it confirmed to trust my inner guru. I really do have all the information I need. Thank you for removing the fear for this to be possible.”

Sam, UK (2017)

“Eloise is very open minded and non judgmental. Her sharing of her gifts is appreciated. The shifts are noticeable yet gentle. I recommend this course highly.”
Aashna (2018)