Any pre-requisites?

Nope, none!

This course is open to everyone. Whether your a client, taken all my courses or never done any personal development… you will get something from this programme. There are also no age restrictions.

Does this course take up too much time?

We are all busy! I have designed this programme to be flexible, and fit in to busy lives.

So there are no appointments or times you have to be on-line, available or listen. All the sessions, videos, emails (and anything else which occurs) will be sent via email.

From there you can download or get links to all the elements each week and listen/watch/read when you have time. The only one key thing is to be somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, to listen to the group healing sessions.

Each week will start on the Monday with the group session… but you don’t have to listen till Sunday! The only thing is if you are on the course and want to submit questions to Eloise it would be of benefit for you to keep up each week. But if you fall behind, don’t worry!

Although this is about daily action, there is no “action” to take if you don’t have time. And 3 hours a week to listen to the group session, read the emails and contemplate feels about right. You can always do the course over 12 weeks if your busy! You will have access to all the elements for life (or until my website shuts down!?)

** I have now extended the course to run over 9 weeks – to give a week gap to catch up if your a little behind 😀

I'm not sure this is for me?

If your not sure please email me to discuss any queries! eloise@intuitiontalks.com

However as you can sign up & get a refund in the first 30 days of the course if it is not for you… there is no pressure.

This course is open to all! No pre-requisites or age restrictions.

Length of the class?

The original programme was over 8 weeks – I am now expanding it to 9 weeks to give everyone a week “off” or to catch up between weeks 4 & 5.

The course will run for 9 weeks from the start date.

Week 5 will be a catch-up week! So we will have a week off.

Don’t worry I will be answering questions after the 9 weeks for a couple of weeks if you fall behind.

Can my husband/daughter/dog join in too?
I am more than happy for you to sign up and the whole (immediate only!!) family join in together. It might make a wonderful bonding exercise to do with the children, or the family as a whole.

** Sorry there will be no cat, dog or pet specific translation!

What kind of healing is it Eloise does?

I use the BodyTalk System as my go to starting point, this is an intuitive system which focuses down on the route cause of what is blocking you (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally – it is all connected) and allows you to heal yourself.

I use BodyTalk as my “protocol” but allow my intuition to guide me. Tuning into the group energy I see the unique members, as much as the group, so most people say the group sessions felt like it was “just for them”. I have a lot of tools & tricks so that even though there is a broad number of people listening, the “healing” works dynamically for each individual case.

Find out more about BodyTalk on my main website – Eloise Ansell

How much is the program?

The cost of the programme is $333 (roughly £250).

There is an instalment option where you can pay over 3 months. So $123 a month. Slightly more to cover the additional admin costs. If you don’t pay all 3 instalments you will lose access.

Payments are taken via Paypal – to keep things simple. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use the service.

Refund policy?

Teachable has a 30-day refund policy. After that date, there will be no refunds.

Price in other currency?

Please use the XE currency converter tool to get a rough idea: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! There is an option to pay over 3 months. This is slightly more to cover admin costs.

Can I ask Eloise questions during the programme?

I am available as much as physically possible over the programme to answer questions which you have. I will be checking my email most days. I will answer some individually, and if some common themes arise I may record a video, or send an additional email out to answer for all of you.

I will keep any personal matters private from the group!

I have already taken the MindScape course; will this programme be of benefit?

At my MindScape class I may have covered similar ground, but maybe not in as much depth! There is a lot I can talk about around intuition without even getting into MindScape & the additional structure that can give. Also you won’t have had the group sessions, which takes things to a whole new level!

Does this replace MindScape (course)?
Nope sorry! MindScape is still my go-to tool for helping people structure the intuition. The scope of having this tool is huge…

This course is great to do before MindScape, or even if you have done any other intuitive training… you might gain some new insights from my perspective!?

Is the course live?

The course was recorded in 2015. I never feel the magic of the initial course could be repeated, plus when I recorded it I set it up to include anyone who ever listened… so anyone signs up still gets included in the sessions. (Plus they are set up to run when you listen).

I may add new elements to the programme if the group energy needs it, plus doing some Q&A videos on any key questions which come up for each round.

Online & Easy

To keep things simple everything will be on-line and emailed out to you. So you can follow at your own pace. Plus it won't take up hours of your day!

Intuitive Thinking

This course is not for those who don't want to dig deep! It will challenge you...

Have Questions?

This course is designed to make you think! So questions will come up, and I want to answer them.

Customer Support

I offer the highest level of support I can. Sign up for the program and don't like it? Let me know within 10 days and I will give you a refund.