Like all children I woke up into life living & breathing connection to nature. In touch with the moment & vibrancy of life. Just watch a child for 10 mins and you will see how much they are absorbed with the moment… the emotion, the curiosity… they are so present!

Then like everyone else things started to close me down, send me to sleep and I began to loose that deeper connection…

  • A learning difficulty put me into special needs at school – labelled as “stupid” and having classes on my own made me feel inadequate and different to all the other kids.
  • I was bullied – a lot! That really pushed me into solitude.
  • General fears of life shut down another layer as I was constantly told I wasn’t ‘normal’ and didn’t fit.

A lot of experiences told me (and I am sure you can relate) that I wasn’t ‘normal’ and I should alter myself to “fit-in”. Hey, we all want to be loved & liked, so we do change to meet other’s models of normal. I shut a lot of myself down, it limited me & my intuition died as all the joy was sapped from me.

I went on to study Maths at Exeter Uni & have a Masters in Computing Science (not stupid clearly!!).

Then onto work – well that is another long story…

By my early 30’s I was asking “is this it?”

So I started to try and quench my thirst for what was missing in my life… I travelled, started taking personal development trainings (a lot!!), and even ran a marathon… none of these things numbed the pain for long. They didn’t fill the “I feel unfulfilled” gap. I had a great job. Good friends. So what was missing?

I had lost touch with myself!

I then set out to recover myself, to reconnect with myself. I started to seek out things which were fun, made me happy and ditch what I didn’t like! I started to ask myself what was important to me? What matched my strengths? What was no longer working!

I changed my life (and continue to) to suite my wants, needs, & desires. I let my intuition guide my daily journey as I explore self, have fun & love life.

Now I teach others how to strengthen their relationship with their intuition so they too can live an extraordinary life. I have had the blessing of working with 100’s of clients & students (from all over the Globe) who find and connect with me… and I am so excited to show others the doorway to the most creative,  fun, loving versions on themselves.

I use all the things which worked for me to support others, and light their way.

Life is never perfect! We will all have challenge and obstacles to overcome – otherwise it would be boring and we wouldn’t expand & grow personally – but when your intuition has your back you can get the lessons faster, & move through challenges with less frustration!

I have been teaching people how to access their intuition with more efficiency since 2011. At every class there is so much to teach there are a lot of things that get unsaid, or people don’t catch… which makes all the difference to connecting with their intuition at a deeper level.

I really want to help people to understand their intuition, and embed this understanding, into everyday life… without taking up too much time! So this mini series over 8 weeks felt the perfect way to do it.

I hope you will join me for the journey!




PS There are no guarantees! I can only show you the way, you have to be willing to go there…

Advanced BodyTalker

Eloise is an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner – working with clients around the South of England, as well as remotely

MindScape Instructor

Eloise was the UK’s first MindScape Instructor, and is an instructor with the IBA (International BodyTalk Association)

BodyTalk Access

Eloise also teaches a one day class to support people to support their own wellbeing

Chocolate & Cats

I also love stationary, cats, chocolate & red wine… oh and cuddles!

Just some videos Eloise has made…

The first is an interview on Intuition & the second Eloise being interviewed about BodyTalk.