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Can you imagine living your life in flow lead by your intuition?

Being connected with your heart & body in a deeper way. Living in possibility, not lead by the logical mind living in fear!

Hi I’m Eloise Ansell

I’m a therapist & teacher. I have worked with 100’s of clients & students around the world supporting them to embrace life, open their hearts, & get their spark back! Helping them to live a life lead by the healing power of their intuition.

Over the years I’ve worked with & talked to hundreds of people about intuition and what holds them back from living from their hearts. Over this time I’ve noticed the biggest blocks for people around their intuition are:

1. Learning to trust their intuition

In this day and age intuitive decision making is a must! A lot of doubt comes up… “am I just making this up?”, “Is it my head or heart talking?” are questions I hear every week!

2. Expecting to be right 100% of the time from day 1… or feeling they have failed!

Until you make a strong friendship with your intuition it can be hard to understand it and get accuracy

3. Fear comes up!

The fear of the truth, fear of being ourselves and reaching our full potential… or the fear of opening Pandora’s box! Basically there is a lot of fear!!

The problem is we are trained by society, school & the media to trust our intellect! We are taught the answers are “out there”. So we doubt our inner guidance, or even worse, we shut it down altogether! Ignoring our true nature, our internal sat nav in day-to-day life leads us to feal uneasy, weak, full of worry & even depressed. We sense that there is more to life, a bigger potential for us… we just can’t feel our way to it. The truth, of course, is that the answers are inside! We all have intuition, we have the ability to connect with this inner wisdom. Sometimes you just need to be shown how to access it again. We can learn to trust it and make friends with it again! And as we do so, the sense of unease can vanish.
I’ve worked with many individuals who want to remove the blocks to their intuition and live life in flow, guided by their inner wisdom & heart. Enabling them to feel a deep sense of connection to themselves and the world around them.

I believe the key to bringing back the spark into people’s lives is by tapping into their intuition, and making it part of their everyday life… Living from the heart, not the head.

I am passionate about supporting people to open their hearts and live by their intuition… and people are always asking me to support them to remove the blocks so they can access their intuition with more ease. The problem is I don’t have time to work with everyone 1-2-1! However, there are many blocks and misunderstandings which are common to many people. So by popular demand I have created an 8 week on-line programme (taught over 9 weeks) to help more people make friends with their intuition again and release the blocks holding them back… getting the spark back into their lives.
Recent feedback on group clearing sessions I ran in 2015:
I just want to say all of your sessions have changed my life and I wait eagerly every month for them. I cant give you a hug so I’ll give you a energy one. I’m so thankful and am moving through things.  So thank you.
Katrina, New Zealand

What am amazing session. I let go of a lot of unknown stuff and I couldn’t be more grateful!! I will continue to get the word out about your amazing group work!
Ali, UK

Just a quick email to say thank you for doing the group sessions, I can definitely feel shifts and the sessions are definitely helping me clear out a lot of stuff that has been holding me back. Thanks again
Tina, UK

If your interested in human potential, or want to take your intuition to the next level, feel you have lost your spark, or just want to understand intuition more… join me for this 8 week programme!

The 8 Week Programme Covers

Understand Intuition

Get clarity on what intuition is, where it comes from, and how to become friends again! Weekly emails to help explain and integrate your intuition

Clearing Blocks

What is clouding your intuition? We will clear out a lot of the blocks through weekly group clearing sessions


Learn the truth about manifesting and how to attract what you want into your life

Fear Comes Knocking

Resolving fear and opening your heart to be yourself… let your intuition guide you

Transform Your Life

Make intuition a daily part of your life & change your life – in ways which will go beyond the course!

Opening Your Heart

Creating space to open your heart and quieten the mind
Testimonials from past students…
“I found that it encompassed more for me than Intuition itself providing me with a broader awareness of the self, our self beliefs, our uniqueness,  as well as discovering what we want from life and then living our life through observing and self development.”

“The 8 week’s intuition talks was has been a key programme for me. I’ve seen so many shifts in myself, not just related to intuition, but my health improved enormously, and emotionally I am more in-tune with myself and others.”

“This course is just what you need if you feel a little out of step with life. She helps you to open up the endless possibilities that lie within us all to live to our optimum selves and the rewards that that will bring.”

“Eloise has skill-fully infused the course with a blend of wisdom, joy and healing – giving you the tools and confidence to access your intuition in daily life.”

What is included in the 8 weeks?

As you may imagine I allowed my intuition to tune into the initial group energy and develop the course… When I ran it, it was not set in stone to allow the needs and desires of the people signing up to steer the focus & overall flow of the 8 weeks. However, I also included the energy of future participants to add their needs into the mix too! So this course can live on and support many people, including you!

  • Weekly emails & video covering many aspects of intuition
  • Weekly group sessions to clear the blocks, heal the heart connection and quieten the mind
  • Advise & tips all the way on how to become friends with your intuition and make it an everyday thing
  • Bonuses & additions based on each group’s needs ** new additions maybe added in 2020 for the group
  • Your questions answered – Submit questions to me along the way
  • We will have lots of fun throughout too!
“I wanted to tell you about the intuition I had on Sunday. Which I followed… I was walking into my flat building when I saw a golden bee broach on the floor. Quite beautiful with two sapphires as eyes. I know only a few people in my building and most of them are older women which the broach could have belonged to. I had an image of the exact person I needed to take it to. I got a couple of logical strategies like go door to door until you get the right one. But decided to go straight to the top floor to the woman that popped in my mind and I felt was the owner. Turns out it was her guests jewellery who was having lunch at her house. Got it right!! Just wanted to share and thank you for all the wonderful work in the Intuition program I truly loved it. Funny how the intangible is hidden until we observe it!”

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The programme will be available again in 2022…

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